Saltese Uplands Loop Mountain Bike Trail Description

Getting There and Parking

From Spokane take exit 293 onto N. Barker Rd., then turn left onto Sprague Ave., next make a right onto S. Henry Rd and follow it for almost a mile until you see the Saltese Upland parking area to your left.

What to Expect

Steady moderate climbing paired with relaxed, obstacle free, descents make Saltese Uplands a good place for new riders or those looking for a mellow ride. This mostly singletrack ride details the Saltese Uplands Loop as viewed above. There are a few additional short trails as well — including a brief connector trail that leads from the parking lot. Expect nice views of the surrounding area including Liberty Lake as you meander through smooth grass covered hills.

Shade is pretty much nonexistent so plan on getting a lot of sun exposure. Bring plenty of water and be thoughtful of what time of day you ride during the Summer. Later in the season Saltese Uplands can be thick with brush and weeds making for a scratchy ride.

Some portions of the conservation area are crisscrossed with wildlife and foot paths, combined with a lack of signs, it can make things a bit confusing. Fortunately the area is fairly small so a unintentional detour should be easily fixed.

Important Information

The trails in the Saltese Uplands Conservation Area are multi use, care should be taken to accommodate other users. Expect traffic in both directions and always yield to other trail users. In addition respect wildlife by giving them a wide corridor.

No restroom, plan accordingly.