Iller Creek Mountain Bike Trail Description

Getting There and Parking

The trail head can be accessed from the Southern end of East Holman Road. Vehicles can be parked at the small cul-de-sac at the trail head (no fee). There is an outhouse, but no running water.

What to Expect

Iller Creek provides a hearty climb, outstanding views, and a fast (often technical) descent. Best ridden clockwise, this loop trail climbs over 1,600′ cresting on the ridge along Big Rock and skirting by the Rocks of Sharon.

Sometimes called Tower Mountain, this trail has a lot to offer mountain bikers, hikers, rock climbers, and wildlife. Expect traffic in both directions and take care to accommodate other users by yielding. This is especially important during the final 1.5 miles, where the trail may be narrow, shadowed, and heavily vegetated.

Plan on a good workout and count on taking some breaks along the way. The first 1.75 miles keep you climbing steadily till you reach an optional trail that splits to the right (good for shorter loops, fading light, or avoiding snow late in the season). The next half mile leads you on a steep climb up to the ridge line — a mostly concealed car in the foliage to the right signals you’re getting close. Here’s where the scenery really starts to impress.

Huge granite formations rise from the hillside contrasted by the rich green of pines. Definitely a preferred area to stop, rest, and take in the sights. As you follow the trail it weaves in and around these granite boulders. Hikers and rock climbers will be common along this section. Past Big Rock, the trail comes to a split. The loop continues to the right, but if you’re still enjoying the view you may want to walk your bike up the left route for a different perspective back along the ridge. Currently this trail is deeply rutted and difficult to ride back down.

Once back on the loop begin a short moderate climb through shaded groves of trees. From here to the bottom anticipate a fast ride. The singletrack can often be steep, and visibility can be limited, so it’s recommend you keep things slower on your first visit.

Along the way, the route collects the optional trail described above, directly after you’ll make a sweeping 90˚ turn to the left. This is a signal to expect a more technical ride ahead. There’s a small creek crossing, bumps, and roots. Very fun technical areas that herald the section ahead. You’ll soon find yourself snaking over and around rocks as you navigate the narrow confines of a tight chute. Absolutely a fantastic and challenging section that culminates in an abrupt creek crossing.

The rest of the trail is straight forward. Smooth single and double track leads you back to the parking area. While this portion of trail can be quite fast it is also frequented traveled by other trail users. Be ready to yield and expect limited visibility.

Important Information

The trails in the Dishman Hills Conservation Area are multi use, care should be taken to accommodate other users. Expect traffic in both directions and always yield to other trail users. In addition respect wildlife by giving them a wide corridor.

Outhouse at trailhead, no running water.